How I got to know Split Personality so well

A split personality or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) refers to dissociative identity disorder (DID), a mental disorder where a person has two or more distinct personalities. The thoughts, actions, and behaviors of each personality may be completely different. Trauma often causes this condition, particularly during childhood

So this the definition provide by Wikipedia

The first time when I read about such an disorder ,I was really curious about it and at the same time ,fascinated equally . I read information on Wikipedia thoroughly and read about it on a lot of websites but it didn’t felt enough.

I again googled (Me-Kpop and Kdrama fan ) for Split Personality disorder Kdramas

And ,here what I got ,

Kill Me ,Heal Me

And it turned out to be my best, all-time ,favorite Kdrama ever . What’s the best about this is that it portrays the Split personality Disorder so well .Its sometimes more scarier than a horror movie because this guy on the right had around 6–7 people living inside him,well not living inside him its totally illogical if you think about it .So this guy on the right had developed 6–7 personalities in his mind .

Now,this guy faced childhood traumas and to cope up with all that pain ,his mind created a abusive personality at the age of 10 itself , named

  • He’s abusive and arrogant
  • wants to dominate himself over the host’s body
  • But , He has a soft heart and is extremely possessive for his childhood love whom he is searching since all these years

This continued with him for 15 years knowing about his disorder and along with he had other personalities as well, By now I could have given you a ton of information on this disorder but I want you to go for it and that will make realize the power of mind.

He tried many doctors in the States ,but no to avail .He comes back to Korea and he meets a junior psychiatrist ..But AAAhhhh…she is no one but her childhood friend !!! They had both lost memories of each other due to Trauma .

It explains well, why some people tend to forget some moments ,or months ,or even years due to trauma faced .

If I talk about myself ,I faced depression and have lost memories of first 6 months of the year 2018 .It feels as if those months were just stolen from me , Where was I? What was I doing basically ? I do remember listening to sad songs and crying like a crazy person ,being with my friends physically and not involving and laughing at all .Stayed at home for 3 months ..I mean ,seriously ? I can’t even stay for 2 days at home cutting off the world like this.

At that time ,I didn’t understand what was I going through or is this thing even called as Depression I was freaking 16 at that time .

Anyway .let’s not go off topic ,

I can’t help but say that is this a hilarious Kdrama ,in fact more than others I have seen till now !

Now ,am I not gonna disclose the story here !

This Kdrama portrayed the Disorder really well and I could still watch it once more even after watching it for 4 times.

What a brilliant acting by the main lead. Not 2 not 3 but he was able to play 7 different personalities that too with perfection. I am so so so impressed by his skills. This is an epic drama like a classic one that will remain evergreen. The plot got me hooked so quickly that I didn’t even know how I finished watching the whole thing. The plot kept on changing with the best character development and totally convinced the viewers to stick by it. The chemistry and romance between the lead was so good. Like it effortlessly ignited a spark in my heart every time something good happened!

here ,is the link for this Kdrama ,

Kill me ,Heal Me

If you are hesitating to watch it even for a while then please watch it I swear you won’t regret. The first and second episode may not leave a deep impression on you but still stick to it you will really feel attached to it.

Alright ,bye




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