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  • Overview
  • Installation on Jupyter notebook
  • How to create maps for countries apart from USA?
  • Using graph objects directly.
  • Create maps using geoJSON!



Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job

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Ubuntu Has Seven Official Flavors

  • Kubuntu — KDE Plasma, QT toolkit
  • Lubuntu — LXDE, lightweight, LXQT
  • Xubuntu — XFCE, lightweight, elegant
  • Ubuntu Budgie — Budgie, simple
  • Ubuntu MATE — MATE, classic
  • Ubuntu Studio — Multimedia, audio, video, graphics
  • Ubuntu Kylin — Chinese speaker

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— — Day 12: Rain Risk — -

  • Action N means to move…

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Cache File Location

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  • The Time Module
  • Suspending execution — time.sleep() Function
  • understanding time zones
  • Creating a StopWatch-Project

The Time Module

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  1. The password detection program
  2. Generating Random quiz file
  3. Mad Libs
  4. Selective Copy

The Password detection Program

import repassStrong=False
def passStrength():
password=input('Enter your password')
if charRegex.findall(password) == []:
print('Password must contain atleast 8 characters')
elif digitRegex.findall(password)==[]:
print('Password must contain atleast one digit')
elif upperRegex.findall(password)==[]:
print('Password must contain atleast one uppercase letter')
elif lowerRegex.findall(password)==[]:
print('Password must contain atleast one letter')
print("The password is strong.Good Job!")
while not passStrong:

Project: Generating Random Quiz Files

Installation and setup (python3)

$ sudo apt install python3-numpy
pip3 install numpy
python3 -c "import numpy; print(numpy.__version__)"
pip install pandas


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